ISOP Webinars series                                                                Sessions February 2021

ISoP Latin-American chapter, Raquel Herrera Comoglio, Univ. Nac. de Córdoba, Argentina

ISoP Vaccines SIG, Rebecca Chandler, Uppsala Monitoring Centre, Sweden

ISoP Israel chapter, Irene Fermont, Israel


Rebecca Chandler

Jean-Christophe Delumeau

Irene Fermont

Raquel Herrera Comoglio

Vigilance of COVID-19 Vaccines

Thursday 4th, 3 p.m. CET

Immunology of COVID-19. COVID-19 immunization

Margarita del Val
Centro de Biología Molecular Severo Ochoa (CSIC-UAM), Spanish CSIC Interdisciplinary Research Platform on Global Health


Thursday 18th. 3 p.m. CET


Observations and experience on the vaccination and treatment of Covid-19    

Saad Shakir
Director of Drug Safety Research Unit, UK

Wednesday 10th, 3 p.m. CET


Characteristics of approved vaccines. Identified and potential risks

Jean-Michel Dogné
University of Namur, Head of the Department of PharmacyFAGG/AFMPS
Pharmacovigilance expert, EMA PRAC member


Wednesday 24th, 3 p.m. CET

Hypersensitivity to mRNA Vaccines   
Mariana Castells

Director Drug Hypersensitivity and Desensitization Center , Harvard Medical School, USA


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